Why I Believe In God: Part Eight

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04.02.14 by brent hand

Something More

I think going through a period of doubt made me appreciate one of the most important things about religion (one I think we take for granted and don’t talk about nearly enough): FAITH itself; the belief that there is MORE to the universe.  This is what I believe to be the great divide between atheists and believers.  So many would think it’s just about God, but it’s not.  It’s about believing that anything MORE exists beyond what we see with our eyes and are able to hold in our hands.

In my search it wasn’t that I found a way to prove that MORE exists.  I just found TOO much that seemed to move in the opposite direction.

For one you had history.  People have always believed there was more going on.  From the people of Sumeria to the Native Americans; people groups across the world and across cultures, with no ties to one another all had BIG ideas about what went on after death; that a part of you was permanent.  Can we really chalk that up to wishful thinking and mass delusion?

And what about emotions?  Anger and love and sadness and passion and happiness and regret… where do these feelings come from?  Is it all just biology?  Some chemical in our brain?

What about the beauty you see in a sunrise?

Or the swelling in your chest when read a powerful poem?

Or that song that puts you in a good mood no matter what?

Is it all just science?  Just stimuli that elicit a certain response?  Or is something more going on?

What about the idea of DESTINY?  The idea of HOPES and DREAMS?  If it’s just us in here together and we’re all we’ve got then what’s the point?  The very idea of destiny and fate are built upon the idea that there is a Force behind the scenes driving us toward something; working within the universe to bring about some ultimate goal.

“Well, if there is SOMETHING or SOMEONE behind the scenes, why are they hiding?”

I feel like this is a great question… BUT I don’t know if we understand what we’re asking.  If there is something MORE out there, it’s not on our level.  It’s BIGGER than you or me.  This Entity wouldn’t operate on a scale that we’re accustomed to.  He would operate on a much bigger scale.

Think about this.  We exist in a world where there are three dimensions of space (width, length, depth).  When you draw a stick-person on a piece of paper it only exists in two-dimensions (no depth).  Imagine trying to explain depth to that stick-person.  If he had the capacity for reason, how would he understand something as big as a third dimension (or someone who exists in that third dimension)?

Maybe that’s a little too far out there for you.  Try this.  Imagine an ant in an anthill who did not believe in humans though he’d heard horror stories about it his whole life.  What if he demanded that a human come into his little anthill before he believed they were so?  If I were to assert myself into an anthill, it would mean the end to many, many ant lives and also a lot of property damage.  Is this really what is best for the ant?  No.  But he doesn’t know what he’s asking for.

Are either of these perfect examples.  No.  But they’re as close as I can get with my tiny brain.

But God’s brain is a lot bigger than mine.  Surely He could find a way to reveal himself to us.  If he did, what would that look like?

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