Why I Believe In God: Part Seven

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04.01.14 by brent hand

We Broke The World

So why do BAD THINGS like hurricanes, earthquakes, disease and tsunamis happen if God is a good guy?  I don’t know exactly but if I were to guess, I’d say these things happen because of sin.

Hang with me.

SOME religious people have blamed recent natural disasters on God’s wrath on specific people (as in saying Hurricane Katrina was God’s wrath on the sin of New Orleans.  *face palm* Just… no).  While I do believe that God COULD do that and HAS done it in the past, I don’t know think it has happened in my lifetime.  I find when God did use destructive power in the Bible as a tool of justice, it was rarely questionable that it was his work.  People KNEW without a doubt it was Him.

So how is SIN responsible?

Let’s clear up what sin is.  Sin isn’t “the bad stuff people do that God punishes us for.”  It’s bigger than that.  According to Christian faith, sin is the heart of what’s wrong with everything.  God has a plan for the universe.  He’s invited us to be a part of it.  Instead of following Him, we’ve gone our own way doing our own thing.  This is what sin is.  It’s a condition that goes much deeper than our actions and choices.  It’s something that’s wrong on a deeper level.

If you read the third chapter of Genesis, you see where sin enters the world and the consequences of that sin is that a lot of stuff changes.  Bad things start to happen BECAUSE of the sin.  God doesn’t MAKE them happen.  He makes a world that is perfect and good in chapter 1.  It’s in chapter 3, where man decides to do his own thing and break off his relationship with God, that these bad things start to happen.  Whether you read the first few chapters of Genesis as literal or not, the message is the same: God made it; We broke it.

If something is broken spiritually, wouldn’t it follow that the physical would be broken too?  Are these ripples of something going on under the surface?  When we broke our relationship with the Creator, did we break the creation as well?

Still want to blame God?  Let me put it another way.

A sixteen-year-old’s parents give him a brand new sports car for his birthday.  Then, he promptly takes it off road, hits a ditch, flips the car and nails a tree.  Then he wants to know why his car doesn’t work like it should and demands a new car.  Can you blame the parents for giving him the gift in the first place?

God gave us the power to choose.  And if I’ve learned anything from Spider-Man I’ve learned that “with great power comes great responsibility.” We used our power in the wrong way and we broke the world.  Sin is a spiritual disease that has physical ramifications.

This may be too far for some people.  It makes perfect sense to me that the physical is affected by the spiritual, but you may not even believe there is an unseen spiritual side to our world.  Let’s talk about that tomorrow.


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