Why I Believe In God: Part Six

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03.31.14 by brent hand

Bad Things We Can’t Control… Or Can We?

Some folks have trouble believing in a GOOD GOD who lets BAD THINGS happen like tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, diseases, tornados, and wild fires that can claim countless lives.  Now I can’t say I know why these things happen, but I can say what settles my own mind about it.  You can be the judge on whether it is a good enough answer for you.

I don’t think I understood the answer (or even the question) properly until I put my faith completely in God and began to see the world a little differently.

The answer begins with a question: What do you believe these events are if you DON’T believe in God?

If there is no God, then these disasters are just a part of NATURE; just part of the system our planet operates on.  Though tragic when it involves people, we know that this is just a part of life on earth.  If you do believe in God, aren’t these things just part of His system that our planet operates on?

“Well, isn’t God a pretty cruel guy if he makes a world full of people and then sets it up where part of existing on that world is suffering?”

A lot of people would say something about “without suffering we wouldn’t understand true joy.”  I just don’t think that argument holds water.  That’s like saying you can’t tell how good a cold glass of sweet tea is until you’ve tasted the dirty water they drink in Cambodia.  I just don’t see how we can know that’s true, and even if it makes me appreciate the sweet tea more, it doesn’t make it any better.

What I would say is this: if God is real, he’s a really big guy.  He’s got a lot going on and he knows what he’s doing.  The way he thinks and the way I do are a lot different.  Looking at my problems through my eyes and judging him on my level doesn’t work.  I may not like it, but believing in Him is trusting He knows what He’s doing.

When you begin to believe in God you begin to see the world in a bigger way.  Death is not the end.  Pain is only temporary.  This place is only the beginning.  This is NOT belittling anyone’s pain, or trying to say “it’s okay that people do suffer.”  I believe God has put us here on Earth to share in each other’s suffering; to love and care for each other, to embrace one another while we’re still here, and to ease the burdens of those around us.

Short answer: the problem is not with God but with me. I must accept God is doing what’s best even if I don’t like it.

But wouldn’t you like to know why those kind of things happen?  I know I would.  I’ll lay out the way I see it for you tomorrow.


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