Why I Believe in God: Part Four

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03.27.14 by brent hand

Answers I Didn’t Know I Needed

So for a while, I was trying to move on past this whole God thing, and found some of the answers I was looking for in science.  But I guess what I found was that science just didn’t answer all my questions.  In fact it opened up the door to even more.

If evolution were true, it still doesn’t answer WHERE life comes from.  I’m not asking”where do species come from?”.  But where does thought, individual identity, feeling and emotion come from?  What’s the thing that differentiates us from rocks and moisture?  Where did that develop?  Life is a miracle in and of itself with or without evolution.

Sure it’s neat to see theories on how gill-breathing creatures developed lungs 300 million years ago.  But where does oxygen even come from?  Why does it sustain life?  Not HOW it works, but WHY is that the way it works?  Why does oxygen exist?

I’ve seen diagrams of how eyes developed over millions of years to take in light from their surroundings.  But where does light come from?  Not “the sun.” I’m not talking about a location.  I’m where did light originate?  And what about the way light behaves?  How did light begin to act like it does?  The speed it moves at, the warmth it provides, the way it bends into colors and travels through space are all complexities that to me point to a designer.

What about gravity?  Not HOW it works, but WHERE did it come from?  Why does the universe work like that?  These laws that hold the universe together had to come from somewhere, right?

Or space itself; just the idea that this place here, that i’m inhabiting in this moment, is not the same place you are at right now.  They are two different places with thousands of other places in between.  Where does SPACE come from?  Why do things like depth and length even exist?

Or the biggest one to me: TIME.  Why do we move from past, to the present, to the future?  What put the actual of passage of time in motion?

It’s not just the THINGS in the universe that have to be explained it’s the UNIVERSE itself and all it’s laws and designs that must be accounted for too.  And if I’m only worried about WHERE I came from, then I might could settle that with a theory or two.  But it just seems like all these complexities WITHIN our universe point to an influence OUTSIDE our universe.

I just find it hard to believe that a universe as complex and beautiful as this one, was not created by someone who knew what they were doing.  At the very least, I don’t think He can be brushed off the page entirely.  I know science has answers at least in part for some of these questions, but I don’t think man will ever have the answer to all of them.  And unless we do, I don’t think we can rule out that this beautiful world could potentially be the work of intelligent design.

And this world is beautiful, isn’t it?  Of course it can be a little rough around the edges.  It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and horrible things happen in it all the time.  And that’s where most people get off.  They just can’t reconcile an all-powerful, good God, with a world where bad things happen.

But (just being honest again) this is one point I didn’t really get hung up on.  But let’s talk about that tomorrow.


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