Why I Believe In God: Part Three

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03.26.14 by brent hand

Who Gives A Big Whoop About The Big Bang?

So, about a decade ago, I almost walked away from faith in God.  I’ve been exploring this over the past few days in this blog, hoping it would help others who are going through the same thing, or help those on the other side of that dialogue understand WHY and HOW we believe WHAT we believe.  This search for truth was very real to me.  So in questioning God’s existence I started where a lot of people I would assume do: the beginning (as in “where did we come from?”).

Evolution is a dirty word in Christian circles.  We don’t talk about it unless we have to.  When it is said, it is said with disgust and an eye roll.  Charles Darwin to some is the equivalent of Adolf Hitler.  In truth, I don’t think we even understand it because we are too afraid of it.

But I’m not afraid anymore.

Evolution (and other theories like the Big Bang and the like) is one of the reasons I began to doubt.  If so many scientists and experts agree that THIS is how it happened, am I wrong for choosing to have faith in the Bible?  Are there really other answers to where we came from?

I’m trying to be HONEST about how I felt and I how I feel now.  I’m not trying to anger either side in doing so.  But truthfully, in my search I found A LOT of answers in what the other side had to offer.  Some of it made an awful lot of sense.  A lot of very smart people believe in evolution and the big bang and other theories about the origin of the universe and life.  And so to pretend like it’s a joke is just not helpful.

The thing is, for people who don’t believe in God it may be just about who is RIGHT and who is WRONG.  But as a CHRISTIAN, it’s more than that.  I believe that my place is not to ARGUE with people, but to LOVE PEOPLE.  That’s what Jesus taught and too often I find Christians are too concerned with being right instead of being Christ-like.  If you win the argument but do so in a way that doesn’t reflect Jesus, you have lost.  If you want to win people over, start with loving them, understanding them and praying for them not screaming at them through a bullhorn or typing angry words on the internet.

If you want to change someone’s heart/mind, you do so by using your own.  You have to love them and you have to understand them.

The biggest problem I had was RELIGION wasn’t answering all my questions but SCIENCE wasn’t either.  That’s when I realized they are two completely different animals.  Science is all about researching facts and finding proof to support theories that lead to conclusions.  Religion is about searching for a different kind of truth; a truth that’s deeper than anything that can be mixed up in a test tube or written about in a text book.   Science and faith don’t have to be enemies.  And they work best together NOT against each other OR with one taking the place of the other.

I’m not afraid of science because there is nothing that anyone can dig up, nothing anyone can research, nothing anyone can see in a telescope or microscope that can make me quit believing that there is a God.

Faith is bigger than that.  And a lot of people on both sides have a hard time understanding that.

More tomorrow.


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